25th Founding Anniversary and Grand Alumni Homecoming

Renews Friendship and High School Memories…

EMITianS…come home!!!

Schedule of Activities

April 3, 2010 (Saturday)

7:00-8:00  am          Registration

8:00-9:00                   Motorcade

10:00-12:00              Opening Program

     LUNCH (KKB)

1:00-2:00pm             Election of Officers for EMITS Alumni Association

2:00-6:00 pm            Batch Activities (Inside the assinged classroom)

6:00-8:00                   PASIKLABAN

                                Numbers by the Batches

                                Presentation of Muses

                                (Jeans, Casual, Gown & Talent Portion)

April 4, 2010 (Sunday)

7:00-8:00 am            Assembly

8:00-9:00                   Recollection of Memories

10:00-12:00              Games

     LUNCH (KKB)

1:00-6:00 pm           Basketball and Volleyball


6:00-8:00                   Live Band & Awarding

                – Muse of the Occasion

                – Most Active Batch

                – Most Philanthropic Batch

                – Best in Batch Uniform

Registration: Per Batch (P5000), From Batch 2000 to present (P3000)

For more info: (043) 284-3974, 09198811167, 09104093407, 09279271159

Start of Registration:  March 1, 2010 (Look for Mrs. Cleotilde Guaves) 

Email: easternmindoro@yahoo.com & emitians@yahoo.com 

Batch Color (for T-shirt)

1985-1986    Red1986-1987    Tangerine1987-1988    Blue

1988-1989    Gold

1989-1990    Blue Green

1990-1991   Pale Yellow1991-1992   Lavender1992-1993   Neon Green

1993-1994   White

1994-1995   Dark Green

1995-1996   Sky Blue1996-1997   Pink1997-1998   Midnight Blue

1998-1999   Dark Green

1999-2000   Yellow

2000-2001   Peach2001-2002   Yellow Green2002-2003   Maroon

2003-2004   Skin Tone

2004-2005   Green

2005-2006  Yellow Green2006-2007   Violet2007-2008   Brown

2008-2009   Orange

2009-2010   Silver


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