EMITS’ Humble Beginning

EMITS (Eastern Mindoro Institute of Technology and Sciences) – (formerly Eastern Mindoro Academy (EMA) founded in 1945). One of the leading educational institutions in the province of Oriental Mindoro. It is located in Pinamalayan, a first class municipality.

Located at the heart of the bustling town of Pinamalayan, Oriental Mindoro stands for Eastern Mindoro Institute of Technology and Sciences (EMITS). Before its incorporation in 1985, it was once known as Eastern Mindoro Academy (EMA), a school where the fondest memories of so many Pinamalayenos took place. The birth of the institution was a dream come true for the then young Attorney Federico Semilla, the founder of the institution who was a native of Marinduque who with his family migrated to Quinabigan, one of the barangays of the said town. It provides quality and relevant education to the region. It offers wide variety of educational services to the province. It has Prep and Kindergarten School, Complete Elementary & Secondary Courses, CHED (Commission on Higher Education- Philippines) & TESDA (Technical Skills and Development Authority) approved and recognized courses.

The Eastern Mindoro Institute of Technology and Sciences is continuously living up to the expectations of the local community it serves for several decades now. The institution owes its existence to the trusting public, to the loyal parents who once were students of EMITS and now see to it that the ensuing generations of their offspring and grandchildren will be educated by the same institution that educated them. To them, EMITS has become a family legacy.

EMITS continues to serve the youth...

That truth inspires the Semillas to keep on upgrading the institution by keeping all under its roof well- abreast with the current needs and demands of the fast-changing times. Hence, the curriculum is modified on a regular basis to conform with the Department of Education’s (DepEd) requirement for private schools. Under the current Basic Education Curriculum (BEC) of which EMITS is among the first private schools in Oriental Mindoro to adapt it, students are exposed to varied learning activities that aim to bring out the best in them, to facilitate learnings, and to make practical applications of those learnings helpful in their everyday lives. EMITS closely adhere to the use of modern technology to effectively carry out the day-to-day learning processes. The administration see to it that teachers have the necessary audio-visual materials and equipments to back them up in accomplishing their objectives.

The students are exposed also to varied extra-curricular activities to discover and to polish their talents. Those activities provide them with avenues to show off their best, to learn values, to capture concepts which can’t be learned inside the classroom.

One of those activities that EMITS provides the community for benchmarking are the theatrical workshops and stage plays. Those stage plays that EMITS’ Tanghalan Ngani, a theatrical organization that trains EMITians in the field of acting, has produced can compete with the stage plays produced by big production outfit. They are complete with costumes, props, and lightings.
EVITA- La Santa Peronista was one of those stage plays. It was adapted in the movie EVITA which was portrayed by Madonna. It was staged in EMITS in September 2007 before the stage play with the same title as the movie was staged in Manila and starred Kuh Ledesma, the singer, in the title role.
In February 2008, EMITS’ Tanghalan Ngani, a students’ theatre group, again ventured into another stage play, this time showcasing the acting, dancing, and singing prowess of the elementary and kindergarten pupils, the play “Joseph”, patterned after the animated movie “Joseph – The Dreamer”. Participants were in full costumes designed by a local designer. Colorful lights added to the glamour and splendor of every scene to the amazement of the viewers.

In August, 2008, EMITS’ Tanghalan Ngani again experienced a resounding success in staging EMITS High School Musical Plus, a play patterned after the youth-oriented movie High School Musical. The play became word-of-mouth of the town people.

Those plays pushed the participants even beyond their limit. They were able to prove to themselves that when you put your heart to something and you inspire your mind to do it, no task is insurmountable. Those plays are added feathers to EMITS cap.

EMITS is also known in the division for its award-winning school papers. The Rainbow Times, the school paper in English and in circulation for 14 years now, and Pulso ng EMITS, written in Filipino together have brought home over 200 recognitions from the press conferences the school joined. The latest of such achievements was in 2007-2008 pressconferences when The Rainbow Times was named second best school paper in the regional schools press conference held in Occidental Mindoro. Pulso ng EMITS was recognized best school paper in the same presscon. In the national presscon held in Koronadal City, Pulso ng EMITS won 2nd place in best in Feature Page contest. This year, the two papers added to its encyclopedic list of merit 10 new recognitions.

HRM Students Fieldtrip in the City of Pines (Baguio City)

The College of Education is continuously pursuing excellence. No wonder, most of its graduates are highly sought-after and are hired right after graduation. The advantage is that these future teachers are exposed daily to everyday classroom situations in the High School department and can readily gain experience from the veteran teachers from the said department. Employment wise, outstanding student teachers are hired by the school if there are vacancies. Sadly, this does not happen often since teachers choose to remain serving in the institution even after passing the board exam unlike in most private schools where teachers remain only after they have passed the Licensure Exam for Teachers (LET) or until an opportunity opens to them to transfer to a public school.

Keeping up with the demands of DepEd, TESDA and CHED to join several contests, seminars, organizations outside the school scheduled all throughout the school year was taxing and expensive for the school. Not to mention the activities designed by the school itself to further fortify its learners. Yet, they are integral part of effective and efficient learning.


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