Message from the President

Whew!!!… How time flies so fast that EMITS now is proudly 25th year in serving not only Pinamalayan but the whole world. And we’re so proud that the products that this institution produced are world class individuals excelling and making a difference in  various field of endeavors. Truly all of you, our dearest alumni, made us very proud , indeed very proud!  Whenever and wherever you are  EMITTING the core values which are love, justice, faith that your Alma Mater have instilled in your hearts, you are making us so proud and very thankful that we are given this rare privilege of affecting lives, building characters and touching hearts. Viva EMITS! Long live EMITians! We have surpassed trials because you’ve kept us alive, are keeping us alive and will keep us ever alive! And the informations we are receiving from different parts of the Philippines and the world about the good deeds of our alumni prove that the hard labor of EMITS family- the director, manager, president, dean, faculty members and staff are not put to waste. Your own hard labor to keep the name of EMITS untarnished and above excellence inspire us to work hard even more, not only for the next 25 years but till eternity. Truly its great to be EMITIANS. It is simply great!

Thank you and see you all in the celebration of our 25th Founding Anniversary and Grand Alumni Homecoming and before I forget if in the bottom of your heart you feel that you really want to help and share in the development of future leaders or somebody like you we are accepting old books, computers or whatever things you know could help our students.

MABUHAYHappy Grand Alumni Homecoming Ngani!!




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