A Bold Step Forward…

School shows were always at the expense of the weather. Every time there is a show, everybody is looking up to the sky to check for the sun or for a dark cloud hanging above which is a cause for worry. Also, almost all schools in Pinamalayan have their own gymnasium leaving behind EMITS in this aspect.

The idea of building a gymnasium continuously cropped up in meetings of the admin for years. Budget constraint is one big hindrance to the realization of this much-needed construction. For years, it was pushed to the side,

With the venture of the school in stage plays, a gymnasium is becoming a pressing need that needs to be answered. The administration must take a bold step forward to build a covered court. Finally, in August of 2009, a group of men started aiming their shovel for the first dig of soil where the foundation of a covered court will be laid. The construction was dragging and everybody was anxious to see if the covered court will be in time for the celebration of the school’s 25th Anniversary on February 20-26, 2010. After overcoming many obstacles, finally when the school held the celebration for the silver anniversary, the audiences felt comfortable under the shade of the newly constructed, almost completed covered court.


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