Theatrical Arts Explored…

In 2007, EMITS explored another seemingly impenetrable horizon, theatrical arts or stage plays. Equipped with so much curiosity, determination and the right people to accomplish such an almost impossible task, the school administration headed on to staging a critically-acclaimed and classic play- EVITA, given a title for EMITS marking EVITA-La Santa Peronista, Joseph the Dreamer (Elementary Department) and EMITS Highschool Musical the following year.

The audition for a role begun in August, the acting workshop ensued for two weeks and the 78 workshoppers were ready to stage their baby. The workshoppers went to a school-to-school promotion where they were received warmly, like they were real celebrities.

It was raining hard when it was time to stage the play. To the dismay of the curious audience, the play has to be reset for another day. Heaven was not kind enough to give the play at least a fair weather, so amidst slight rain showers, the show went out so well.

Nobody would dare deny that EMITS has set a new trend in staging a play- one with fantastic lightings, nice music, full costumes, well-prepared props, beautiful script, and excellent stage performers, From then on, all plays viewed in Pinamalayan were measured according to the standards set by EMITS. And that’s a fact!


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