Young President Take the Lead.

The School President during the Recognition Day.

Atty. Federico Semilla, the founder of EMA that later became EMITS in 1985 relinquished the task of running the school effectively and efficiently to his youngest son Marcial Semilla. Preparing for his future retirement and to ensure the schools continued existence, he appointed the youngest of his two sons, Sheridan as President of the institution in 1999. Young, energetic, vibrant, he took the lead and initiated reforms in order to effectively carry out the visions of the institution which is now a family legacy and mission.

It wasn’t smooth-sailing for the young president. With a case fought in court against the former president by a group of teachers who protested against some policies continue to pose a threat to the school’s existence until it was finally settled in favor of Mr. Marcial Semilla in 2009. The mushrooming public schools around Pinamalayan is another threat. Yet, with the innovations initiated by the young president, the school steadily sailed across the vast ocean to its destination. For this president, he breathes only success.


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