EMITS Alumni made us proud…

  • Gerwin Ortega & Jay Mark Fabella of Batch 2006 graduated Cum Laude in P.U.P Manila (BS Accountancy).
  • Atty. Sthepen Lamanilao of Batch ’93 passed the 2009 Bar Examination.
  • Kristine Marie Ong – BS Accountancy
  • James Tan – BS Accountancy (Cum Laude)

2009 LET Passers

  • Leo R. Malarayap
  • Rizza Nabus
  • Ann Marijoh M. Laurente
  • Irish May M. Laurente
  • Bernardo Jose Mandia
  • Maritess de Guzman

(EMITS BSE and BSEd graduates achieved 99% passing rate)

  • Catherine Guaves (Batch 2004) passed the Accounting Board Exam in 2009.
  • Christian Guaves (Batch 2002) passed the ECE Board Exam in 2009.
  • Jester Jamilla (Batch 2004) passed the Civil Engineering Exama in 2009.

Congratulation to Ghenimelle Rose C. Pasumbal for passing BS Pharmacy Examination last June 20-21, 2010.


Gerwin Ortega, Jaymark Fabella, James Tan & Kristine Marie Ong

Electronics & Communication Engineer

Jovierr Tan

To all EMITS’ Alumni:

Please update EMITS of your achievements. We’ll be glad to acknowledge you and share in your successes!


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Ezekiel on October 5, 2010 at 8:15 am

    lupit nyo ghen..,tintin,jaymark at gerwin…you made all emitians proud especially kaming mga kabatch nyo!! malupit din ung stephen and ung civil engineering board exam passer na si jester jamilla..though i dont know both of them..hehehe. EMITIANS,YOU ROCK…

    p.s. sana one day isa na ko sa mga yan..heheh


  2. Posted by Gerwin Ortega on June 22, 2011 at 7:47 am

    may ganto pala EMITS.. whahaha


  3. imba talaga 😀


  4. haha grabe ngayon ko lang to nakita 🙂 hi sa lahat ng EMITIANS! 🙂


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