A Dream Becomes a Reality

First it was just a dream, a simple dream of the then young Federico Semilla. Having wanted so much to give himself better future through education but finding it hard to do so because schools then in Pinamalayan were scarce, he dreamed of establishing a school in Pinamalayan which is accessible to all. He felt a school will change the lives of the youth for the better. In effect, the community will benefit from these positive changes and the whole world in the end, as well.

Bridging all gaps and overcoming insurmountable mountains, Atty. Federico Semilla was able to start the first class of a school which he named Eastern Mindoro Academy or EMA in a modest house near what is now the Municipal Park with only a handful of students. Then the rest is history, a history that will forever be etched in the history of Pinamalayan and its humble people.

When Atty. Semilla finally decided to close EMA, an offshoot of that well-respected school bloomed from its roots to continue the legacy. Eastern Mindoro Institute of Technology and Sciences or EMITS was born in 1985 under the headship of Atty. Semilla’s youngest son, Mr. Marcial Semilla. From a school that caters to the needs of high school students, in 1990 the Technical-Vocational department was opened then in 1995, the College Department was added. In 1997, the Elementary Department was inaugurated to ensure the foundation of learning of the very young. Finally, to complete the services of the school to the community, preparatory and kindergarten pupils were accommodated with the addition of the pre-Elementary Department in 2005.

2010 marked EMITS 25th Founding year. February of this year was red-lettered month for EMITians since it was the appointed month when the school will hold festivities to highlight the celebration. The celebration centered on the theme ‘ Estudyante, Magulang, Institusyon, Titser Sama-sama Showcasing the students various talents and establishing rapport with the community were the main objectives of the occasion. To accomplish those tasks, the administration included activities such as ‘Talent Mo Pakita Mo’, Mass Dancing, Mass Calisthenics and a popularity contest which is at the same time a fund-raising activity.

To give an avenue for parents to join the family of which they are an integral part in celebrating, Mass Dancing for Parents was held. Indeed, they were not behind their children was far as talent is concerned. The show was a stunning revelation of what parents can do and are willing to do to show their cooperation, their support for the school. The family day was a good way to unleash the stress, to build and strengthen family ties and renew camaraderie among parents, teachers and school administrators. The central theme was indeed carried out to its full realization!

After that hectic last- week- of- February- schedule, what EMITians thought was over as far as celebration is concerned was in reality far from over. Pinamalayan, in fact, was about to witness in April 3-4 what was perhaps one of the largest gatherings of alumni in the history of Pinamalayan. The school has to brace itself for the big and grand day ahead. And, Pinamalayan has to prepare for another milestone in its long and colorful history!


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