Grand Alumni Homecoming-a Huge Success!

Planning for the big day..

When still in the planning stage a year ago, it was a seemingly an insurmountable, almost impossible task to carry on. But because of the 25th Founding Anniversary due to be celebrated this SY 2009-2010, the occasion dictated that a big homecoming must be held before the school year completely ended.

Days seem to be dragging as the chosen date approaches, April 3-4, 2010. The busy school year added to the burden of careful planning and carrying out schedule activities to completion pertaining to the grand homecoming.

Several faculty meetings were held to plan the activities for the said event. Coordinators of each batch were called for a meeting last Nov.29, 2009 to inform them of the activities.25 coordinators attended and some of the batches were not represented.

The main celebration for the silver anniversary was held from Feb. 23-27, 2010. It was full-packed with activities that demanded full concentration, full cooperation, full energy of the entire staff. For a time, the execution of plans for the holding of the alumni homecoming was set aside. After the tiring week-long celebration of the 25th Founding Anniversary, the completion of requirements for final examinations of the students, the computation of grades and the checking of records by DepEd supervisors occupied the minds of teachers; thus, again the preparations that should be done for the alumni homecoming were not given due effort and time.

Just a week before the actual date arrived, faculty members and the President, Sir Sheridan Semilla were all pressured to act in preparation for the big day. Another meeting was called for to finalize matters last March 30, 2010. The final program was given attention, the T-shirts to be worn by the faculty members was attended to, the order of the parade, the vehicles to be used, the sounds, the chairs, the rooms, the decorations and even how to deal with the politicians that will take advantage of the situation was debated upon. After the meeting, things seemed to be ironed-out. Yet, the stomach cramp, as a result of the increasing pressures as the big day was nearing its schedule, was intensifying.

The Big Day Arrives!

The day signaled a fine weather in the morning of April 3. The heat of the morning sun was intense as early as 7:00 am. It seemed to be just another ordinary day for Pinamalayan.But, as the heat intensified, the town seemed to be busier as more and more of its children from the cities flocked to its heart once again for a few days time-out from work since it was a long holiday in time for the commemoration of the Christendom’s Holy Week.

After 7:00 am, faculty members in their very elegant black polo shirt bearing 25 stars on the left upper portion and the 25th Founding Anniversary logo started to show up one by one. In the reception area near the main gate of the school were the team of Mrs.  Guaves, the school cashier, together with some faculty members were seated to greet and welcome alumni for registration.

Will the event be a success or will it be a flop? is a question that seemed to be in the mind of the organizers. However, EMITS alumni heard the call of their Alma Mater and started showing up in groups, each group identifiable with a certain color of T-shirt and a unique design. As they show up, they bear in their faces excitement and pure happiness as a reflection of their desire to renew old friendships and feel the warmth of the caressing love of their Alma Mater which has served as their home for four long years.

Many of them have gone places already as many of them are working abroad. They have gone far, yes, but their hearts remain deeply rooted in EMITS. As the registration progressed, many toured around the school premises. All of them were awed at the big transformation the school has undergone while they are away finding their rightful place under the sun, some just around the town, others in far away land. Still, the mission of EMITS to give quality and relevant education to Pinamalayeňos is alive. It continuously up-grades its facilities to render the best service to the community.

When all of the batches have registered and were already well represented in numbers, the motorcade around the town started. About 80 vehicles participated in the parade. They were beautifully decorated with balloons but the real decorations were the alumni on board of them. They filled the town with laughter, with smiles, with hi’s and hello’s as they paraded from the center of the town to the town of Socorro, then back to Brgy. Sto.Niňo, to the town of Gloria, then, to Quinabigan, then, back to the school compound.

After a short prayer and national anthem, Sir Marcial Semilla, the former president welcomed everybody present. He expressed his uncontained happiness at seeing alumni thread their long way back home. He was deeply satisfied at seeing most of them doing well in their chosen professions. He was amazed at how they bring with them the trademark of excellence EMITS has trained them to embody.

Then, its time to raise the banner of each batch and everybody was enthusiastic to see their banner way above the rest. It was hard to decide who reached the top first.

The alumni heard a report of the different avenues their Alma Mater explored such as theatrical arts and the putting up of school papers-The Rainbow Times and Pulso ng EMITS, both were award-winning, not only in the Division of Oriental Mindoro but in the Regional and National Press Conferences, as well. They were given a glimpse of how great EMITS stage plays are when some of the well-applauded scenes from High School musical plus was restaged by the actors and actresses that played the roles themselves.

Once more, happy times were relived in the different parlor games participated in by the alumni. They felt like they were high school students again, carefree, energetic. The teasing were there, too especially by former love teams.

The alumni also did some serious pondering as to who must be their officers for making the association legal and for leadership purposes. With the suggestion of Sir Marcial Semilla, the body decided to appoint Mr. Edgar Salendrez as the president of EMITS Alumni Association. He is a member of the faculty at present.

Certificate of recognition were also awarded to the batches in recognition of their efforts.

—Batch ’92 and Batch ’93 received the Highest in Attendance

—Batch ’90 received Best in Uniform

—Most Active Batch were given to Batches ’90, ’91,’92, ’93.

—Batch ’93 – Most Organized Batch

At night a not-so-serious pageant was held. Ms. Rina Pacia of Batch ’93 brought home the title Ms. EMITS Alumni 2010 and Mr. McWard Nitural of Batch ’93 also was Mr. EMITS Alumni 2010. They outwitted the other candidates in the question and answer portion and their elegance in the ramp wearing casual, jeans and formal attire was undeniably outstanding.

It was a tiring day yet it surpassed all expectations! It was good, really good!


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  1. na miss q ang EMITS, d happy skul, elow po sa mga instructor at teacher’s at sa management


  2. Posted by Rain on January 17, 2013 at 11:48 am

    Correction po — Highest in Attendance Award as well as Most Organized were bagged by Batch ’93… 🙂
    Champion din po sa basketball.. 🙂


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