A Dream Becomes a Reality

First it was just a dream, a simple dream of the then young Federico Semilla. Having wanted so much to give himself better future through education but finding it hard to do so because schools then in Pinamalayan were scarce, he dreamed of establishing a school in Pinamalayan which is accessible to all. He felt a school will change the lives of the youth for the better. In effect, the community will benefit from these positive changes and the whole world in the end, as well.

Bridging all gaps and overcoming insurmountable mountains, Atty. Federico Semilla was able to start the first class of a school which he named Eastern Mindoro Academy or EMA in a modest house near what is now the Municipal Park with only a handful of students. Then the rest is history, a history that will forever be etched in the history of Pinamalayan and its humble people.

When Atty. Semilla finally decided to close EMA, an offshoot of that well-respected school bloomed from its roots to continue the legacy. Eastern Mindoro Institute of Technology and Sciences or EMITS was born in 1985 under the headship of Atty. Semilla’s youngest son, Mr. Marcial Semilla. From a school that caters to the needs of high school students, in 1990 the Technical-Vocational department was opened then in 1995, the College Department was added. In 1997, the Elementary Department was inaugurated to ensure the foundation of learning of the very young. Finally, to complete the services of the school to the community, preparatory and kindergarten pupils were accommodated with the addition of the pre-Elementary Department in 2005.

2010 marked EMITS 25th Founding year. February of this year was red-lettered month for EMITians since it was the appointed month when the school will hold festivities to highlight the celebration. The celebration centered on the theme ‘ Estudyante, Magulang, Institusyon, Titser Sama-sama Showcasing the students various talents and establishing rapport with the community were the main objectives of the occasion. To accomplish those tasks, the administration included activities such as ‘Talent Mo Pakita Mo’, Mass Dancing, Mass Calisthenics and a popularity contest which is at the same time a fund-raising activity.

To give an avenue for parents to join the family of which they are an integral part in celebrating, Mass Dancing for Parents was held. Indeed, they were not behind their children was far as talent is concerned. The show was a stunning revelation of what parents can do and are willing to do to show their cooperation, their support for the school. The family day was a good way to unleash the stress, to build and strengthen family ties and renew camaraderie among parents, teachers and school administrators. The central theme was indeed carried out to its full realization!

After that hectic last- week- of- February- schedule, what EMITians thought was over as far as celebration is concerned was in reality far from over. Pinamalayan, in fact, was about to witness in April 3-4 what was perhaps one of the largest gatherings of alumni in the history of Pinamalayan. The school has to brace itself for the big and grand day ahead. And, Pinamalayan has to prepare for another milestone in its long and colorful history!


EMITS Alumni made us proud…

  • Gerwin Ortega & Jay Mark Fabella of Batch 2006 graduated Cum Laude in P.U.P Manila (BS Accountancy).
  • Atty. Sthepen Lamanilao of Batch ’93 passed the 2009 Bar Examination.
  • Kristine Marie Ong – BS Accountancy
  • James Tan – BS Accountancy (Cum Laude)

2009 LET Passers

  • Leo R. Malarayap
  • Rizza Nabus
  • Ann Marijoh M. Laurente
  • Irish May M. Laurente
  • Bernardo Jose Mandia
  • Maritess de Guzman

(EMITS BSE and BSEd graduates achieved 99% passing rate)

  • Catherine Guaves (Batch 2004) passed the Accounting Board Exam in 2009.
  • Christian Guaves (Batch 2002) passed the ECE Board Exam in 2009.
  • Jester Jamilla (Batch 2004) passed the Civil Engineering Exama in 2009.

Congratulation to Ghenimelle Rose C. Pasumbal for passing BS Pharmacy Examination last June 20-21, 2010.


Gerwin Ortega, Jaymark Fabella, James Tan & Kristine Marie Ong

Electronics & Communication Engineer

Jovierr Tan

To all EMITS’ Alumni:

Please update EMITS of your achievements. We’ll be glad to acknowledge you and share in your successes!

Theatrical Arts Explored…

In 2007, EMITS explored another seemingly impenetrable horizon, theatrical arts or stage plays. Equipped with so much curiosity, determination and the right people to accomplish such an almost impossible task, the school administration headed on to staging a critically-acclaimed and classic play- EVITA, given a title for EMITS marking EVITA-La Santa Peronista, Joseph the Dreamer (Elementary Department) and EMITS Highschool Musical the following year.

The audition for a role begun in August, the acting workshop ensued for two weeks and the 78 workshoppers were ready to stage their baby. The workshoppers went to a school-to-school promotion where they were received warmly, like they were real celebrities.

It was raining hard when it was time to stage the play. To the dismay of the curious audience, the play has to be reset for another day. Heaven was not kind enough to give the play at least a fair weather, so amidst slight rain showers, the show went out so well.

Nobody would dare deny that EMITS has set a new trend in staging a play- one with fantastic lightings, nice music, full costumes, well-prepared props, beautiful script, and excellent stage performers, From then on, all plays viewed in Pinamalayan were measured according to the standards set by EMITS. And that’s a fact!

Young President Take the Lead.

The School President during the Recognition Day.

Atty. Federico Semilla, the founder of EMA that later became EMITS in 1985 relinquished the task of running the school effectively and efficiently to his youngest son Marcial Semilla. Preparing for his future retirement and to ensure the schools continued existence, he appointed the youngest of his two sons, Sheridan as President of the institution in 1999. Young, energetic, vibrant, he took the lead and initiated reforms in order to effectively carry out the visions of the institution which is now a family legacy and mission.

It wasn’t smooth-sailing for the young president. With a case fought in court against the former president by a group of teachers who protested against some policies continue to pose a threat to the school’s existence until it was finally settled in favor of Mr. Marcial Semilla in 2009. The mushrooming public schools around Pinamalayan is another threat. Yet, with the innovations initiated by the young president, the school steadily sailed across the vast ocean to its destination. For this president, he breathes only success.

Rationale Behind the Name.

EMITS is a verb that is synonymous to giving off, sending forth, and discharging. It was so named because it aims to give off knowledge which is relevant and essential to improving one’s life and making a difference in this world.

It sends forth rays of hope to the modest, humble, yet fast- changing community of Pinamalayan.

It discharges good values such as discipline, love, faith and justice, the core values where the operation of the school revolves.

EMITS keeps on growing.

EMITS started with only three buildings to house its almost a thousand secondary students under its care. But, with its growing family, expansion is inevitable. The administration initiated a plan to build a three storey building along Balete Drive in 2004. It was completed in 2006 and by SY 2006-2007, the second and third floor were ready for use by the College students. The ground floor housed the offices of the President, the Dean of College, the Cashiers, and the faculty members.

Computer Laboratories of the College and High School Department are in the second floor. The High School Science Lab was once found in the same floor before it was transferred to its present location in the Federico Building where most of the rooms of the High Schools are found.

A Bold Step Forward…

School shows were always at the expense of the weather. Every time there is a show, everybody is looking up to the sky to check for the sun or for a dark cloud hanging above which is a cause for worry. Also, almost all schools in Pinamalayan have their own gymnasium leaving behind EMITS in this aspect.

The idea of building a gymnasium continuously cropped up in meetings of the admin for years. Budget constraint is one big hindrance to the realization of this much-needed construction. For years, it was pushed to the side,

With the venture of the school in stage plays, a gymnasium is becoming a pressing need that needs to be answered. The administration must take a bold step forward to build a covered court. Finally, in August of 2009, a group of men started aiming their shovel for the first dig of soil where the foundation of a covered court will be laid. The construction was dragging and everybody was anxious to see if the covered court will be in time for the celebration of the school’s 25th Anniversary on February 20-26, 2010. After overcoming many obstacles, finally when the school held the celebration for the silver anniversary, the audiences felt comfortable under the shade of the newly constructed, almost completed covered court.